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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  December 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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gunfire at a mall leads to a police chase. first, a wild chain of events, starting with shots fired at a popular shopping center, road rage leading to shots fired at the pentagon city shopping mall parking garage. the chase went through the district. the suspects are in custody. jeff goldberg is live at pentagon city with the
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investigation happening now. what's the latest? to thenytime you come mall this time of year, you are bound to see frustration, drivers fighting over parking spaces, people agitated. what happened here at the exit of the pentagon city mall this afternoon took that to a scary and dangerous level. it is the kind of story most people find hard to believe. >> way outside the norm. jeff: it happened just after 3:00 today at pentagon city mall. the driver was trying to leave the parking garage when he had trouble paying. toasked the car behind him back up so he could deal with it. in argument ensued, and that is when the driver of the other car, identified as 21-year-old reginald carol of the district, took out his gun from the trunk and fired a warning shot into the air.
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and arlington911, police soon spotted the suspect's car as it fled towards the district. the passenger, calvin, also 21, tossed the gun out of the car on 395 north by the gw parkway. then crossed the 14th street bridge, went through the third street tunnel, and abandon their white sedan on 395 north near mass avenue, taking off on foot. closedon and d.c. police in fast, taking the two men into custody. >> an isolated incident, but in the holidays tempers may be agitated. >> people tend to react differently, sometimes more extreme than others. >> i don't understand why. jeff: both suspects, reginald carol and calvin, are facing multiple charges related to the shooting and getting rid of the
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gun, as well as eluding the police. they both remain in custody, awaiting extradition into virginia. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, jeff. new footage in the death investigation into alonzo smith, the special ed teacher who died while in custody of special police. d.c. police release this video of officers responding to the scene and going to the car to get handcuffs. we cannot shoulder the whole video because of its graphic nature, but it goes on to show officers performing more than three minutes of cpr on smith. the medical examiner ruled it a come saying that he suffered sudden cardiac death complicated by cocaine toxicity. the contributing factors of the case are still under investigation. turning to the weather, it finally feels like december, the cold weather settling in. steve rudin has how chilly it will feel.
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steve: a cold day tomorrow, a cold day sunday, then changes again next week. the windchill factor outside of the belfort furniture weather center, 26 degrees is what it feels like in leesburg, feels like 29 downtown. elkins, west virginia, the cold spot at 13. the wind sustained anywhere from 10 to 15, higher gusts overnight. the rest of the weekend, the redskins game day forecast, plus christmas eve and temperatures -- are you ready for this -- near 70. leon: thanks, steve. let's talk about christmas, christmas day just one week away, but lots of folks hitting the roads early, meaning extra traffic. tom roussey has lead holiday travel outlook. how is it looking? tom: hey, leon, we have seen a lot of families at this rest stop tonight. year,hristmas friday this
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a lot of folks are turning a normally one-week vacation into two weeks, meaning a lot of folks are already hitting the local interstates like 95. virginia, friday evening rush hour was its usual bad self. next in with the commuters were folks already traveling for christmas. aaa says more than four out of 10 d.c. metro area residents will travel more than 50 miles this year, the vast majority by car. public schools and every northern virginia county except stafford county have had their last day of classes in 2015. other school systems are doing the same, so some families are already hitting the roads. >> three children, three dogs, my wife and myself. tom: they plan to drive all night to make to florida. what about if you left next week? >> the traffic would have doubled. tom: aaa says next week will be
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worse. wednesday is expected to be the single worst day. many maryland families will not allel before then because local counties except st. mary's have classes until tuesday or wednesday. on a night that finally feels like december -- to full o of all folksmates traveling through d.c., 91% will be traveling by automobile, meaning they will be on the roadways like 95 behind me. live from dale city, tom roussey, abc 7 news. sounds like a good idea right about now. another victory for those fighting against a proposal for a large gas station at the costco in wheaton. the judge denied the application for the gas station. opponents had environmental concerns. they were also upset about its
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location, 100 feet away from homes. there has been a fight between montgomery county and costco since 2012. police are investigating a deadly head on crash in upper marlboro last night. officer say that a 20-year-old man died on marlboro road. another person was injured. the injuries are considered non-life-threatening. the police are trying to determine what led to the crash. 7 on your side with a tough situation for a d.c. mom. she is in the dark and cold metert because her smarts sensed a problem in her home and switch off the power to her house. ofco say she needs thousands dollars in repairs before they will turn the electricity back on. roz: on one of the coldest nights this winter, the mom and her two kids can asleep in their homes and they may need temporary lodging for weeks. on this bitter cold night, she
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is using a flashlight to get around, her power is off, and so was her heat. her kids are sleeping over at relatives'. the trouble started thursday night. supervisor said her smart meter had triggered an alarm. >> they said you have faulty lines. i said, how? he was like, it could be someone hooked up, trying to steal your electricity. a spokesman said, "without any legal wire connection which was in an unsafe condition putting the customer and others at risk, but she is bewildered. she do not tamper with her wiring, the houses on both sides are vacant, and when she bought ago,ome three years it passed inspections. >> why in the dead of winter are you cutting my electric off with no notice? pco engineer said she
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would have to hire in electrician to fix the wiring and schedule an inspection, then get pepco to reconnect her. >> it's going to cost anywhere and $5,000.000 who can come up with that right before christmas? a second opinion electrician says he believes the old wiring does not have the capacity to handle her current energy use. stay tuned while we try to help her figure this out. roz plater, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side is fighting back against crime. you hear a lot about stolen packages this time of year. this case and prince george's county is a little different, a sanitation worker caught on camera stealing christmas presence meant for a nine-year-old girl. her grandfather cannot believe it. >> it was a girl scout cookie oven and the mini coca-cola fridge.
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when the granddaughter asks for something, that is what she gets. >> you are a good grandfather. --n: there is good news prince george's county says the sanitation worker is not a county employee, he works for a contractor, progressive waste solutions. the company paid restitution to the family and they are glad the grinch did not steal christmas. president obama is promising to have deals in 2016. today, he gave his last address of the year, fighting a back against terrorism and national security the theme. that all necessary actions are being taken. president obama: our counterterrorism, law enforcement unities are working 24/7 to protect our homeland and all of us can do our part by staying vigilant. leon: tomorrow president obama
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will meet privately with family members of the san bernardino terror attack. today the president signed a bill averting a government shutdown. the $1.1 trillion package funds federal agencies through next fall. it was an overwhelming vote of approval in the house. after that vote, the president new house speaker paul ryan and thanked him for "helping the government work." up, democratic presidential candidates gearing up for debates tomorrow. the party shaken tonight, allegations against bernie sanders and his response. and america's most hated ceo no longer a ceo. martin shkreli
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infamously jacked up the price of a price seven aids drug is in jail tonight. waserday, martin shkreli arrested on fraud charges unrelated to the aids drug case. today it was announced he resigned. the mostas dubbed
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hated man in america after he jacked up the price of the aids drug. the presidential race and a scandal for the democrats. candidates will be on the national stage tomorrow for a debate that right now there is a shakeup over spying. shell franzen reports. -- michelle franzen reports. reporter: this is where the debate could turn into an argument. a software glitch allowed up to four sanders staffers to look over confidential files on hillary clinton's voter base. >> sometimes young people make misjudgments. reporter: for 40 minutes, they comb through the files, looking up addresses, voting habits, information on critical states. it was viewed and accessed by multiple staff, and then downloaded. reporter: one staffer who was fired told abc it was no dirty trick. >> we did not use it in a way. reporter: the democratic
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national committee quickly shout out the sanders campaign from the database. down the ability to use our own information, information which is the lifeblood of this campaign. pushedr: sanders' people back hard, accusing the dnc of siding with clinton. >> they are throwing accusations at us. clinton and sanders will have it out, face-to-face on this new hampshire stage saturday night. that will be moderated right here on abc. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. leon: that debate airs live right here on abc 7 at 8 p.m. tomorrow night. between now and then, a lot of cold weather. steve: absolutely, stay warm, it will be cold. the coldest we have had this
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season, and it only gets colder tomorrow. leon: nothing coming down? steve: no, nothing in terms of snow for us. 52 degrees today the high, well above average. the record was 74. the calendar, we talk about this every night, every single day this month, from the first until today has been above average. finally tomorrow and sunday, the 20th, we will have some blue boxes. next week, christmas we, those will be yellow, and we will be looking at possibly record-breaking warmth as soon as christmas eve. 37 at reagan national, passing clouds. dry overnight, falling quickly. freezing frederick, 34 bwi marshall. southern maryland 37. compared with yesterday at this time, it's a lot colder by about 10 to 15 degrees, 16 degrees in some areas. offr view, the coldest air
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to the north and west, finally getting cold enough for the lake-effect snow, something we have not seen or heard about for the past few weeks. now the colder air over the warm waters of the great lakes, ohio,ffect snow northern western pennsylvania, extreme western maryland. garrett county and allegheny county may see a few flurries, nothing that will stick. skies,the beltway, clear dry and cold, mid 20's, lower 30's, the wind out of the west at 10 to 20, which will add a chill to the air force that tomorrow morning, walking the dog, grabbing a cup of coffee, you will want to make it quick because it will be called. we start the day mainly in the 20's. the wind chill forecast, not much better. it will feel like 29, 30. during the daytime, the wind chill holds in the 30's. the day planner as we head
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through the day tomorrow, 40 degrees at noon time, 44 by 4:00 in the afternoon. by sunday, redskins football, looking good. and my voice will be back. 46 degrees, which begins monday in the lower 50's. tuesday, wednesday, a chance of showers. christmas eve, 70 degrees the daytime high. we have a cold front that moves through late-night early friday. the pending on the speed of that front, we could be anywhere between 55 and 65 on christmas day. unbelievable. isn: 70 on christmas day perfect for the person who asked for a new bathing suit. steve: were a bike. a chance tot we had say goodbye to a local legend. after nearly 25 years with a , glenn harrisight
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is retiring. he hosted his final show and he had special guests all through , including former georgetown basketball coach john thompson. anch thompson: you set example for a lot of kids who were not able to be in the profession that you have stayed in so long, and you did it in your way. it's very important. time that may be the first we have seen big john on live television in decades. glenn harris was a fixture on local tv, he played for howard university. he spent his entire 40-your broadcasting career in washington. he had a number of big guests calling in to say goodbye from the wishing him well, including james brown, sugar ray leonard, and our very own tim brant. we heard lots of stories about him tonight. robert: 41 years in the game. it's one thing to be in the game, another to be successful. leon: all the best to him. robert: the comeback cap's,
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: tonight the caps showed us why they are the best in the moscow politician division. they were down 3-1 starting against tampa, but we pick it up in the third, alex ovechkin on the attack for stop he easily scores. that is a second goal of the night. 3-3, chainl tied at reaction. the caps smell blood. marcus johanson finishes. the caps come back and win 5-3. coach: they are not going to just come in here and lie down. they are going to measure themselves up against us. to me, that's growth.
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teamll play the other possible, and when it comes down to winning, we are learning it's important to win. robert: as much as we like to look ahead to dallas, the redskins are not looking at the eagles and phillies, it is the bills at fedex sunday. if there were ever a time to take one thing one step at a time, it would be now. i feel like i have enough to focus on with just the bills alone, that to let myself go to what is at stake becomes too much. i would much rather just focus on the bills and make it one week, one day at a time. >> if we just handler business, we don't have to worry about who wins or loses. s from the nationals, they say it's very likely read second brandon phillips will waive his no-trade protection and become a member of the national. if he does, he will be reunited with dusty baker.
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premieres ofen "star wars" movies all over the country, meaning guys are dragging their girlfriends to see the movie, including sean doolittle. while getting ready, he says we are going out. then she says, this is garbage. then he gets the dog into it. now she thinks doolittle has too much time. those are yoda ears. live, did not catch it you will get another chance to see glenn harris host his final "spores talk" at news channel 8, talk" on news channel 8. leon: the dog will get him back. steve: they always do.
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leon: a holiday prank for parents. their son skyped them while he was skydiving. as folks thought he was on bus. any surprise them, jumping out of the airplane. their reaction was shock.
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he landed safely, by the way. his parents, though,
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bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. leon: when will need sweaters for the christmas shopping this weekend. steve: for the next several days, but then you can get rid of them. 44 degrees tomorrow, the windchill making it feel like the 30's. it will be ok for the redskins football game sunday, lots of sunshine, 46 degrees. winter arrives monday. the temperatures warming near 60 tuesday, a chance of showers, lower 60's wednesday. near 70. eve, a cold front late thursday night into friday, depending on that front, we could be looking at highs christmas day in the middle 60's. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next. have a great night.
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>> dicky: it's "jimmy kimmel live"! the "star wars" special. tonight the cast of "star wars: the force awakens," featuring harrison ford, carrie fisher, john boyega, adam driver, daisy ridley, and director j.j. abrams. with cleto and the cletones. and now, may the force be with him, here's jimmy kimmel! and now, here's jimmy kimmel!


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